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Data-driven solutions & tools for investment firms.

About Us



Who We Are

StrataQuant is a boutique data technology consulting company based in Chicago, IL.  We specialize in helping small investing firms and day traders generate more profit through customized solutions. Our advanced analytics techniques extract the most value out of your data without the high overhead costs of hiring data scientists or having to maintain a complex data infrastructure.

Meet the Founder

David W. Primer, a Certified Professional in Business Intelligence and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, brings the disciplined, scientific approach he practiced performing cancer research to data analytics.

Skilled at converting meaningful patterns into actionable insights, David has a consistent track record designing strategies that meet growth targets while adhering to risk parameters. 

He received his B.S. in Molecular Biology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and M.S. in Cancer Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

David is also a contributor to Towards Data Science, and has presented at the Trading Expo and MatterContact us to book David to speak at your event.

Our Vision

To be the world's preeminent partner in turning data into maximum efficiency. 

What We Offer


Your Process


Risk Mitigation with FolioShield

FolioShield is a tool that provides customizable protection for your clients' portfolios. 


Automatically purchase and roll puts to provide unlimited downside protection for your clients without capping their growth.  


Avoid selling holdings in bear markets, incurring tax events and missing significant portions of the recovery. 


Instead, generate cash-flow through FolioShield while your client stays fully invested in the market, good times or bad.


Spend more time focusing on your business than fielding nervous phone calls. 


Limit your client’s risk to give both them and you peace of mind.


Harness the power of a team of data scientists at a fraction of the cost.  Our proprietary solutions are customized and rigorously tested. They operate around the clock to deliver an output that is fine-tuned to your risk profile.


Without the need to slow down and analyze your data manually, you will be able to swiftly act upon profit opportunities as they present themselves in real time.

Optimization requires evaluating millions of possibilities to identify the best move. Automate this process, and save you and your team thousands of man-hours so you can focus on intricacies that require your industry knowledge and expertise.

CASE STUDY:  Learn about our most recent automated solution that streamlined a commodity investor’s decision making process, resulting in earnings over 10 times the cost of the solution in a matter of months.




Distinguishing between poor luck and  ineffective strategy is a challenge every investor faces.


We systematically quantify the efficacy of your investing strategies.  Know where your capital will flourish and where profit is no longer viable.


Nothing will cost you more than incorrectly assuming a strategy is profitable.  Put your assumptions to the test. Get peace of mind on top of accelerating your growth..

CASE STUDY: Learn about how we saved a futures day trader time and money by demonstrating the ineffectiveness of his trading software.

Robust Edge

Know when to get in and when to get out. Anticipate market movements and identify opportunities to capture significant edge.

Tune out the noise created by the smaller movements in the market. Arm yourself with solutions to give you insight as to the true, big picture trends taking place.  

Our machine-learning tools evolve with the market so you can maintain your edge and remain one step ahead.


CASE STUDY: Learn about our innovative algorithm that delivered the best performance in the world at forecasting NFL games over the 2015 season, generating a 325.8% return.

Why Us

Why Us

Track Record of Success

Our services have lead to profits for clients in equities, commodities, and options. StrataQuant's discipline adheres to risk parameters while accomplishing client goals. We have built powerful solutions that supplement client investment tools and approaches with customized, systematic, and methodical products.  Read our case studies above to learn how our clients have benefited from working with us.

Focused Scope = Low Cost

We understand and appreciate your need to run a lean operation. By working with you directly to determine how each solution will provide value, every aspect of our service will have a meaningful impact on your bottom line. Circumvent hiring expensive data scientists or investing in services that won’t be of much value to you by working with StrataQuant. 

You are our Top Priority

Our bottom line is your satisfaction. We are flexible with timelines and deliverables in order to best fit what is needed for your business.   


Our values are to be objective, clear, and honest. We are looking forward to supporting your company's growth needs. 




47 W Polk Street #234

Chicago, IL





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